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Current Authors specializing in Zanzibar and Tanzania

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author of "Memoirs of a Whenwe"
available from The Gallery, Zanzibar, or from Babu himself at Mbweni Ruins Hotel.

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Yoland Brown

is a British artist and author who was born and brought up in Zanzibar. She has written:

"Ruyton XI Towns - Unusual name, unusual history"
"Boreatton Park - from Agnes Hunt to PGL"
"Zanzibar - May Allen and the East African Slave Trade"

She can be reached for purchase of books at:

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Javed Jafferji
is a talented photographer born in Dar es Salaam whose grandparents came from Zanzibar, where he has now settled.

Javed Jafferji has been professionally photographing East Africa for over ten years. He has published almost 40 books on the beauty, culture and wildlife of the region. His books on Zanzibar include: Simply Zanzibar, Historical Zanzibar – Romance of the Ages, Images of Zanzibar, Zanzibar Style and Zanzibar Style Recipes.

His work has featured in many top international publications such as Newsweek, Sunday Times, Independent, Guardian, and other newspaper and magazines worldwide. He has also held photographic exhibitions in London, Berlin, Paris, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

Mr Jafferji publishes the bi-monthly Swahili Coast magazine, along with the annual Travel and Tourism Directory and Tanzania Conference Directory, in association with Tanzania Confederation of Tourism and its members.

link to BBC article on Javed

All of Javed Jafferji's books are for sale at "The Zanzibar Gallery"
P.O. Box3181, Mercury House, Kenyatta Road, Shangani, Zanzibar Stone Town
Tel: +255 24 2236583
Fax: +255 24 2236583

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Graham Mercer

Graham Mercer fell in love with East Africa years before he ever set
foot there (in Mombasa, 1962) and eventually (1977) decided to live
there, working initially as a teacher at the International School of
Tanganyika in Dar es Salaam. In 2001 he left teaching to concentrate
on writing and photography, though he is still very much in touch with
his old school.
He has travelled through most of Tanzania and much of East Africa,
with a particular interest in life on safari, the East African ethnic
groups and East African history.
After winning the BBC Wildlife Magazine's Award for Nature Writers in
1988 he has gone on to publish over 100 articles and 13 books, all on
aspects of Tanzania, including the major national parks, Kilimanjaro,
and  Zanzibar. His latest book is about Bagamoyo, which he wrote,
illustrated, designed, type-set and published himself, an achievement
described as "quite remarkable" by one reviewer.
The book, "Bagamoyo, Town of Palms", covers the Swahili civilisation,
the Portuguese period, the East African slave trade, the East African
explorers and the colonial period, as well as modern Bagamoyo, and is
extensively illustrated with Graham's own photographs (he has held
four photographic exhibitions in Dar es Salaam).

Graham can be contacted at

A list of books written by Graham:

"Child's Guide to Mikumi" (self-published, out of print)
"Beauty of Ngorongoro" (Camerapix, Nairobi)
"Beauty of Zanzibar" (Camerapix)
"Kilimanjaro, Great White Mountain of Africa" (Camerapix)
"Globetrotter Guide to Tanzania" (Struik Publishers - now under New Holland)
"African Eden" - photos by Javed Jafferji (Gallery Publications)
"Ruaha National Park" (Gallery)
"Mikumi National Park" (Gallery)
"Lake Manyara National Park" (Gallery)
"Ngorongoro Conservation Area" (Gallery)
"Serengeti National Park" (Gallery)
"Tarangire National Park" (Gallery)

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Flo Montgomery

(formerly Flo Liebst) is a British artist and writer who was born in Tabora, Tanganyika and brought up in Dodoma. She has spent most
of her life in Tanzania though she now lives in England.

Initially trained as a photographer, she started painting seriously in 1974 whilst living in the Sudan. She has exhibited
her work many times in the countries in which she has resided: Denmark, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.
In 1986 she also exhibited in Kenya.

She has written poetry all her life; in 1986 she published a small book of poems, drawings and paintings of Tanzania
entitled "Rain in the Morning". A few years later "Smoke on the Wind", a hardback book of paintings and poetry was
published. In 1992 she wrote: "Zanzibar, History of the Ruins at Mbweni", illustrated by her own drawings.
This book is for sale at Mbweni Ruins Hotel.

Flo has written many articles about Zanzibar and Tanzania for various magazines and publications. Some of them
can be seen in "News and Stories".

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Kevin Patience

was brought up in East Africa and developed an interest in the region's military and transport history. In 1976 he published "Steam in East AFrica", a pictorial history of the construction and dvelopment of the railways and harbours in Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika. This was followed by "Steam Twilight" in 1996, on the centenary of Kenya's railways.

A long-time interest in Zanzibar resulted in three publications in the 1990s on the island's history, with "Zanzibar and the Shortest War in History", "The Bubub Railway" and "The Loss of H.M.S. Pegasus" followed by "Konigsberg - A German East African Raider", the story of the German cruiser that created havoc on the East African coast in the early weeks of the First World War, by sinking H.M.S. Pegasus at Zanzibar. The raider was in turn sunk by the Royal Navy in the Rufiji River in German East Africa after an eleven month blockade. The story is due to be turned into a television documentary with the author as a historical consultant. In 2000 he published "Zanzbibar - Slavery and the Royal Navy".

Apart from numerous articles written for recognised historical and military journals, he recently undertook the publication on behalf of a friend, of "Monuments to Courage", the definitive work on the last resting places of the holders of Britain's highest military award for gallantry, the Victoria Cross.

As a professional salvage diver working in the Persian Gulf he travelled extensively, visiting numerous old cemeterie in the Middle east and East Africa, from which he compiled a database of naval and military burials from the 1800s to recent times.

Only two of his books are still in print:
"Zanzibar - Slavery and the Royal Navy"
"The Bububu Railway"

The author is working on a new publication entitled "Shipwrecks and Salvage" on the East African Coast 1499-2004 and it should be available in 2006.

The author can be reached for order of books at:
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