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The Albusaid Sultans of Oman & Zanzibar

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This material is copyright © 2006 and may not be reproduced without permission

1828 - 1856 Said bin Sultan Born 1791, became Sultan of Oman. Declared Zanzibar to be his capital in 1832. The Albusaid Sultans used the title “Seyyid”.
Said bin Sultan
1856 - 1870 Majid bin Said Second son of Said, eldest son Thuwaini became Sultan of Oman.
Majid bin Said
1870 - 1888 Barghash bin Said

(In 1859, Barghash attempted to overthrow his brother Majid and usurp the throne. He failed and was exiled by the British to India for two years. In 1861 he returned to Zanzibar and lived quietly there until Majid died in 1870 and Barghash became Sultan.

Barghash bin Said
1888 - 1890

Khalifa bin Said

Khalifa bin Said
1890 - 1893 Ali bin Said The last of the sons of Seyyid Said to rule.
Ali I bin Said
1893 - 1896 Hamed bin Thuwain  
Hamed bin Thuwain
1896 - 1902

Hamoud bin Muhammad

Hamoud bin Muhammad
1902 - 1911 Ali bin Hamoud

Abdicated due to ill health and died December 1918 in Paris

Ali II bin Hamud
1911 - Khaled bin Muhammad Offered the throne, refused on grounds of ill health.
1911 - 1960 Khalifa II bin Harub  
Khalifa II bin Haroub
1960 - 1963

Abdullah bin Khalifa

Abdullah bin Khalifa
1960 - 1964 Jamshid bin Abdullah Banished by the Zanzibar Revolution.
Jamshid bin Abdullah
















































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